As a SME, you’re looking to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible – procuring the services of a professional accounting firm to handle your finances will massively improve productivity, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Here are five benefits of hiring a professional accounting firm in Cape Town.

  1. You may save a lot of money

Hiring an accountant will help your business save money. A reputable firm will be able to underline areas within the business where you are wasting money e.g. not claiming back certain expenses which will reduce your SARS tax return.

At WJC accounting, we employ a team of professionals who will add value to your business endeavours through assisting you with finances.

  1. Increase your productivity

The old adage, ‘time is money’ is absolutely true. Every minute spent on unnecessary admin is a financial liability. Accountants are specialists at keeping all of your records up-to-date and calculating your tax bill as well as making sure that your financial deadlines are met. You can stay laser focused on growing your business and using your time productively.

  1. Business advice and management

Not everyone who has a company is completely business savvy. It’s important to find an accountant who fully understands your goals and provides you with advice that you need to take your business to new heights.

  1. Variety of valuable services

An accountant can take full control of your finances. By doing this, they are able do everything on your behalf which can include completing your SARS efiling tax return, managing PAYE and a filing a VAT return.

Accounting Services Offered :

  • Complete bookkeeping function
  • Preparation of trial balance from data or source documents provided by the client
  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly management accounts from trial balance in format required by the client
  • Preparation of annual financial statements to adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Accounting officer for close corporations
  1. Streamline the process of receiving funding

SMEs may need funding to grow. There are a number of avenues you can pursue to secure funding but you will need to have a comprehensive business plan containing feasible financial forecasts and up-to-date management accounts.

An accountant will provide you with advice that you need to ensure that your figures and forecasts are accurate and realistic.

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