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Every individual and company wants to skip past the headaches and issues relating to SARS queries and unbalanced books and reports. With the constant change in regulations and rules it has become a steady struggle for companies and individuals to stay informed of all the changes. That is where WJC Consulting comes to the rescue.

WJC Consulting Pty Ltd has more than 18 years of working experience in various professional areas, 11 of those years in a senior management position in a commercial and manufacturing environment, being versatile in various industries

WJC Consulting provides various professional services in the Cape Town and surrounding areas

 Services provided are as follows:

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Chartered Accountants are more than merely bookkeepers and tax practitioners. Their responsibilities cover finance, business management, information technology, taxation, and a range of consultancy work. The CA(SA) designation represents the essence of what we stand for as true business leaders.

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If you are looking for effective and professional accounting services by a qualified Chartered Accountant with years of experience at affordable rates in Cape Town and surrounding areas, you have come to the right place.